The mission of the College Place Middle School library is to ensure that all students are effective and efficient users and producers of ideas and information.






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June 13

Cougar Learning Lab - 2:30-3:30

All library books due

June 14

Cougar Achievement schedule - Juneteenth video

Cougar Learning Lab - 2:30-3:30

Resources during school closure



Sora provides you the opportunity to check out both e-books and audiobooks.  To access this resource:

     Under Edmonds Bookmarks

     Go to the SORA audio/ebooks link

You may then search for an ebook/audiobooks.

If you are having trouble with your Chromebook:


Power completely down (turn off your Chromebook), wait five seconds, then turn it back on.

If that does not work, try this:

     1. Hold down the refresh key (top row, fourth key from the left) and power button (top row, last key on the right) for ten seconds and then release

     2. Wait for ten seconds

     3. Hold down the power key for five seconds and then release

Parent resources for Canvas and Skyward

The videos below are from other school districts.  Be sure to substitute Edmonds School District and/or College Place Middle School

YouTube Video – how to become a parent observer in Canvas


YouTube Video – Canvas Parent App Demo


YouTube Video –Skyward App Demo

For YouTube Videos there is the ability to create closed captions in other languages:

Click on the  (closed caption) symbol at the bottom of the video

Click on the  (settings) symbol at the bottom of the video

Click on the > after Subtitles/CC  English (auto-generated)

Click on auto-translate

Select the language you would like the closed caption to appear in


Edmonds SkyWard Link:



Edmonds Canvas Link: